Optimize production capacity and delivery at your plant.





Respond to constantly changing customer demands and market pressures through continuous innovation, improved performance, employee engagement, and a customer-driven focus.

High capacity and timely delivery are the difference between meeting quotas and missing deadlines. You must continually improve your operational performance to stay competitive and keep your company moving forward. But all the moving pieces and parts makes it hard to stay on top of everything.

You can achieve operational excellence and highly engaged employees with 十大网赌信誉老品牌网站’s help. Our team of experts will identify gaps and facilitate improvements in:




Is your growth held back by productivity, on time delivery rates, or product lead times? 十大网赌信誉老品牌网站's team of experts will work with you to improve your process, increase capacity, and reduce part 成本.


Employee Morale

Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization. We'll help you improve employee engagement and safety, while reducing turnover rates and pinpointing information silos.


Facility Optimization

Do you put new machines wherever there's an empty space? When was the last time you reviewed your manufacturing, warehouse and distribution layouts? 十大网赌信誉老品牌网站 helps increase efficiencies with best practices and optimized floor plans.

How One Manufacturer Overcame Rapid Growth Challenges with 十大网赌信誉老品牌网站’s Lean and Employee Engagement Methods

When Vitamix felt the strain of rapid growth and aggressive hiring, they realized they needed to improve their processes and systems. 十大网赌信誉老品牌网站 streamlined operations and redefined Vitamix’s work processes for more efficient on-boarding and to increase delivery metrics.

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"The challenge we were facing was related to our growth. As we hired people, we had to improve our processes and our systems. With 十大网赌信誉老品牌网站’s extensive bench strength, we were able utilize that expertise to accelerate our lean transformation. We can really move mountains when we implement lean in the proper way."

Eric DiMalanta, Lean Manager, Vitamix

Reduce 成本, improve operations, boost employee engagement.

十大网赌信誉老品牌网站’S Operations Excellence practice areas include process performance, asset productivity, sustainability, and mindset and behaviors.

Rather than coming in with data and PowerPoints to solve your problems, 十大网赌信誉老品牌网站's growth advisors sit with you and your team to understand your business. We walk through your facility and help you think through the process. And instead of pushing changes from the outside, we work with you find the right person in your organization to take ownership of each project.

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Is operations excellence and engagement a focus area for your company?

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